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Public Opinion of London Underground ahead of Olympics

Public opinion of London Underground

I was interested to look into the negative public perception of the London Underground associated specifically with the 2012 Olympics.

So, I wrote the following boolean query and restricted it to Tweets written just in 2012:

((olympics OR paralympics) AND (london OR 2012) AND (underground OR LU OR tfl OR LUL OR “public transport”)) AND (cope OR struggle OR disaster OR horrible OR horrendous OR painful OR crammed OR overcrowded OR overcrowding OR busy OR rammed OR fail OR failure OR “signal failure” OR congestion OR crushed)

The results:

(I’ve removed a lot of Tweets at this point because they’re largely just RTs of @ajhmurray- and a lot of them!)

I’ve stopped it there (less than half way through my full search yield) but you get the idea.

It is worth adding that the search was deliberately written to find people who are unhappy about the tube to highlight their concerns. The next time I have a positive experience on the tube, I’ll compose a similar post.



Recipe Books and QR Codes


My current method

I’m going to make an effort to document occasional ideas, mostly in an effort to perfect communicating my thoughts in a concise manner (the best ideas are the easiest to communicate)

So here’s a quick one for today, as I sit here with my wife reading a recipe book:

“Recipe books should have a a QR Code [read any scannable code] alongside each recipe. Scan the code and ingredients will be added to a shopping lost on a corresponding mobile app”

The biggest bug bear for me is having to wrote down ingredients from a book for when you’re at the shops. It’s a pain, especially with complicated dishes.

If the process is as simple as taking a photo of the page, it is guaranteed to be more effective.

There are immediate problems, obviously. Firstly, who buys recipe books these days? I have some, but the codes can’t be retrospectively printed on their pages. I don’t however rush out to buy new books anymore, I’ll just look online or on the Jamie Oliver app.

Perhaps the people who do still buy recipe books, are in fact not the people who’d scan a code with a mobile app.

Or maybe, just maybe, people who would use a mobile app as their first choice, would in fact buy a recipe book if they knew they could scan a code to have the ingredients added to an app.

Those questions are for someone else to figure out!

Just running with it

It’s been a while since I started a blog. Having run many since 2006 but mostly for other people I figured it was about time I started my own. Which I have.

I’m a creative strategist working in London and from here onwards I’ll be writing a little more about digital and social media strategy, entrepreneurship and simply airing some ideas.

Feel free to enjoy.