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Disrupting the textile industry

I have a unique insight into the textile industry.

There’s lots that can be said about the state of the industry, and certainly from a British perspective. But a long story short suggests it’s broken.

I have built SwatchFactory.com as a humble attempt to visit ways in which the industry could be changed. It’s a long road to full on disruption but as far as we’re both concerned, it can’t come soon enough.

SwatchFactory is built for people who are embarking on a redecoration project and are struggling for inspiration. Perhaps they want to know what colours compliment each other best, what wallpaper would look best with their carpets or even what fabric to buy for their soft furnishings. Many people are put off by the challenge that faces them when they look at their home and choose instead to not do anything at all! We hope SwatchFactory will bring realisation closer through inspiration.

Take the SwatchFactory Style Quiz to find out what fabric and wallpaper swatches we recommend for your home project