What next for GoCompare?

I cannot stand the GoCompare adverts. I switch them over when they’re on and I do what I can to not use their site as a result.

But the reality is, everyone knows of their site because of their adverts and their work behind the scenes to build the character of ‘Gio Compario’. They’ve achieved what they needed to with the campaign, but sooner or later they’re going to need to move on…how do they phase out the fat guy?

If the ball was in my court, I’d run a new ad – entirely contrasting the current guy.

- An ad that caught people’s attention for the simplicity, but still with a main protagonist.
- Whilst people are left feeling delighted that Gio is no longer, viewers should be encouraged to ‘GoCompare’ which character they most want to feature in the next advert.

I see it running in two ways:

  1. People cannot wait to get rid of Gio that they’re quick to log on and vote for the new guy (spending time engaging with the brand)
  2. People will think it’s funny to feel that they’re winding the rest of the nation up and are quick to log on and vote to keep Gio in office

Either way, it feels to me as a great way to transition away from the brand perception that currently exists…a perception that actively drives people away from the site.

Just running with it

It’s been a while since I started a blog. Having run many since 2006 but mostly for other people I figured it was about time I started my own. Which I have.

I’m a creative strategist working in London and from here onwards I’ll be writing a little more about digital and social media strategy, entrepreneurship and simply airing some ideas.

Feel free to enjoy.